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Pivotal Date – Aug 12th

Ben Dover

The 12th is approaching. Next Monday. It’s shaping up to be quite a pivotal date for some reason. I have several bills that the companies really want paid by that day – or else (the invoice says). A company owes me money and they swear they’ll have it to me by the 12th. I have a project due, a morning meeting, and oh – it’s my anniversary. All the 12th.

Breathe. Deep breaths. I wonder what it’s like not to worry? I worry about the weirdest things. Things that some people never think about, or don’t seem to. My insurance still has me going. Remember, I just switched carriers. I don’t have my cards yet. When I go to the website, it doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy yet. My agent says there are no problems, and we’re good to go. But I *think* about it, and mull over it. I wonder about it. I pause and give extra thought to it. I received a bill for my 2nd (count them – 2nd) installment for insurance. That suggests a routine has already started. You’d think you wouldn’t worry.

When I bought my house – my first house – the one we’re still in. I couldn’t believe we bought a house. I was in the garage on the Saturday after our purchase and looking around checking it out. I was thinking, that maybe they’d call and say it didn’t work or some other explanation and we wouldn’t actually have a house. A lady did, indeed, walk up to me that very morning and asked if I was the new owner. I said yes, and she asked all about the previous owners. Turns out they owed her money and she was trying to find them. I gave her the phone number of the agent so he could help(?) her. She talked like the house sale would help her get her money and that didn’t help with my worrying nature. 20 years later has proven otherwise. We have a house, and it knows we own it. It even knows when we have extra money because it conveniently has something happen to itself whenever we get a windfall.

Sounds right.

We watched the latest (at the time) episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. Wow! It’s really taking shape. They play good music in some spots and I have my phone ready to try and figure out what they’re playing. This week, during a certain scene, they played some song I’d never heard before by Kate Bush and it was alright, but deep down, I think the scene would have been served so much better with little Linda Ronstadt.

You’re No Good

If you’re not watching the series yet, you should be. Have a great day!

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